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Samsung Canada bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to nine Galaxy devices

We’re still waiting in other countries, but Samsung announced that it will deliver Android 4.0 to multiple smartphones and tablets across Canadian carriers.

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Zillow launches Android app for rentals (podcast)

If you’ve ever been curious about the price of a particular house in America, chances are you’ve been to That’s the site that lets you type in an address to find out its estimated sale price (called a “Zestimate”) along with details about the house …

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Verizon, Comcast join forces in six new markets

Verizon and Comcast continue getting cozy with more joint service offerings in Atlanta, Chicago, and four more markets.

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Verizon intros prepaid plans for smartphone, Jetpack hot spot

Verizon will launch an $80 off-contract plan for a single phone — the Samsung Illusion — and for its 4G LTE Jetpack hot spot.

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Angry Birds Space: 50 million downloads in 35 days

According to Rovio, the game’s developer, Angry Birds Space is its “fastest-growing mobile game” ever released, beating records set by other Angry Birds titles.

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Skype exploit reveals user IP addresses

While an IP address can reveal a user’s city or country of origin, it doesn’t provide more specific information. But it can be used to potentially track down users — i.e., in litigation.

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U.S.Cellular, Alltel launch Wal-Mart prepaid phones

The joint U Prepaid service brings both carriers into the realm of big-box distribution.

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Java creator James Gosling: ‘Google totally slimed Sun’

Gosling said that Sun was “wronged” by Google and that Oracle is right to sue Google for the way it used Java code in Android.

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LG to open up multi-screen cloud streaming service

The company says that the LG Cloud service will launch in beta tomorrow, and allow for the consuming of multimedia on three screens — smartphones, PCs, and televisions.

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Can Microsoft get LG excited about Windows Phone again?

LG has recently soured on Windows Phone as its broader mobile business continues to struggle. With Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer visiting Seoul soon, a meeting may be in the works.

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